We Can Help Stop Harassment from Creditors in Green Bay and The Surrounding Areas



Woman Calling On Phone - Bankruptcy in Green Bay, WI
If you owe a creditor quite a bit of money, then there is a chance you could be endlessly harassed by him or her in an attempt to get you to pay. You can end harassing phone calls by contacting the Law Offices of John A. Foscato, S.C. in Green Bay. Many forms of debt collection that are utilized are illegal, and an attorney from our office can help stop creditor harassment and stop collection calls. Sometimes these calls can even get threatening, so have our lawyer inform you of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Act so you know your rights.

Learn More About the Wisconsin Consumer Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

There are numerous protections in place to help debtors with hassles. The Wisconsin Consumer Act was created to prevent specific collection practices and to regulate certain credit transactions. A similar law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This provision was passed by Congress in order to put an end to the abusive tactics that are occasionally employed by collection agencies. This law extends to all types of debts, including household, personal and family debts. An example of a restriction imposed by the law is that creditors cannot contact a third party, such as a neighbor or family member, in order to reach you.

Our Lawyer Can End Harassing Phone Calls

You have rights, and it is vital to be informed of those rights by a professional lawyer. In addition to preventing the annoyance of persistent phone calls from creditors, we can also help protect you against wage garnishment. We have worked with a large number of people residing in Green Bay, Shawano and Oconto, so we know the ins and outs of the previously mentioned laws. Get started today by calling us at 800-669-8516 or 920-432-8801.