What to Do When Filing Bankruptcy in Green Bay and The Surrounding Areas




Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy? We Help You Make the Wise Choice.

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When you are faced with the inevitable, it is always best to research your options before it’s too late and before your options are limited. Sometimes it is not easy to ask for help, but we consult with people every day who are just like you. People who need financial peace, financial relief and they need it now.

I’ve been advising people with seemingly insurmountable debt for over 25 years. The details of each situation are different, yet the need remains the same. I will explain the options for your unique situation and together we will draft the plan that takes your daily financial stress away and gives you your life back. You have two options for relieving the burden of debt. You can choose between Debt consolidation and filing for personal bankruptcy. Which is for you? Let us help you decide.

Should I Consolidate My Debt?

A debt consolidation plan is a plan to consolidate the loan payments you make, reduce the amount of interest you will pay on your current loans, combined with a plan to re-establish your credit score. If you are considering taking a home equity loan, borrowing against our credit cards, borrowing from your nest egg, asking the bank for a loan, or worse yet-agreeing to a personal loan from a friend or family member to remedy a current debt crisis, meet with me for a free consultation before you act. We can help you make the wise choice given your circumstances.

Should I File Bankruptcy?

We understand that filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is a difficult decision and that you may have questions with regard to any future ramifications. That’s why we take a look at everything that contributes to your current debt position, as well as your ability to pay off debt while keeping your personal possessions intact and your self- esteem in check. Many times, filing bankruptcy is your best or your only choice. Within months, you can have more control over your own destiny, despite the initial set back. Don’t wait. Lawsuits, loan defaults, repossessions, court orders, missed payments-all affect your credit rating and diminish your potential to keep the property you need and get your life back on track. Call us today. We can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you.
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