Buy a House After Filing Bankruptcy in Green Bay and The Surrounding Areas



Couple Planning a New House - Bankruptcy in Green Bay, WI
After filing for bankruptcy, many people wonder if they will be able to buy a house ever again. The answer is yes, although if you are interested in buying a home after getting a bankruptcy discharge, you may need some assistance provided by the Law Offices of John A. Foscato, S.C. in Green Bay. Generally speaking, most people need to wait two years before getting a mortgage for a new house. That will, of course, be dependent on whether they have established good credit in the time they have been clear of bankruptcy. Any more answers you need regarding how to purchase a new home after declaring bankruptcy can be answered during a consultation with one of our attorneys.

Our Attorney Can Advise You On The Purchase of a Home

If you want any hope to get a new house, then you are going to need your bankruptcy to be fully discharged. Without this, no mortgage lender will want anything to do with you. To get the best rates, you will want to build up your credit score following the discharge. This can be accomplished by paying off all your credit cards, staying at the same job for a decent amount of time and paying all your bills in a timely manner. You should wait two years before applying for a loan, and even then, you will need to satisfy certain pieces of criteria.

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Our lawyers can help you buy the perfect home in Green Bay, Shawano or Oconto. We can even help you with credit counseling and debt negotiation if you need it. To see what your options are, give us a call at 920-432-8801 or 800-669-8516.