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Attorney And Couple - Bankruptcy in Green Bay, WI
When certain people have a certain amount of debt, they may feel as though declaring bankruptcy is the only option. However, the Law Offices of John A. Foscato, S.C. in Green Bay can provide you with a lawyer to help you with debt negotiation. This is a process in which you and your lender agree you will pay back whatever debt you owe over a certain period of time. Debt settlement is a great alternative to bankruptcy if you are capable of securing a workout between you and your creditors. It can get a little tricky if you owe numerous parties money, but an attorney from our office can help you quite a bit. We can also inform you about Wisconsin Chapter 128 for paying back unsecured debt.

Explaining Chapter 128 as a Bankruptcy Alternative

If you have to deal with more debt than you can handle, then our lawyers will explain what Chapter 128 is. Basically, it is a useful alternative to bankruptcy that can help you pay back your debts. This provision lays out specific guidelines that the creditor, debtor, trustee and attorney must abide by. Essentially, the law will stop compounding interest from adding up on your current debt so you only owe a given amount. You will need to fill out a petition in order to qualify for this statute, and nearly any type of debt can be dealt with through this law.

Serving Shawano, Oconto and Surrounding Areas

There is a lot of complicated language associated with debt settlement, but our attorney will explain every tiny detail to you. This way, you know exactly what will be expected of you. To schedule an appointment, call us at either (920) 432-8801 or 800-669-8516. We have helped numerous clients in Green Bay, Shawano and Oconto negotiate their debts and stop creditor harassment. We’ll try to help you too.