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    Car Repossession Attorney in Green Bay

    Having your car repossessed not only puts a serious blemish on your credit, it can be deeply humiliating and a detriment to your daily activities. It can threaten your ability to hold a job, which only exacerbates the financial downward spiral.
    If you are behind on your auto loan, the first thing you should do is attempt to negotiate with your lending institution. If you can demonstrate a good faith desire to become current with your payments again, and prove that you are not going to default on your auto loan, they will probably work with you.
    Car Repossession

    Did you sign up for a bad car loan?

    Many people get an unfair deal on a car loan by overpaying for a car when their credit is less than perfect. When you get behind on your payments you realize that your car isn’t worth nearly what you owe on it. You are “upside down”. If you are in this tough spot – you have options. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet. Without transportation – that’s hard to do. You have options – and we can help:
    • We can get you a modification of a car loan to get you a fair deal
    • We can “unring the bell” of that bad car loan
    However, if you are beset by unexpected financial hardship and see no way out, it’s time to call the Law Offices of John A. Foscato. Schedule a free consultation with us – we will carefully review your situation and determine your options.
    Did you know that it is possible to avoid having your car repossessed even if you cannot make your payments? Time is of the essence though – call us today!

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