Our Attorney Based in Green Bay Can Advise You on How to Buy a New Car After Bankruptcy



Family Buying a Car - Bankruptcy in Green Bay, WI
You may be interested in buying a new car to help you get to a new job. This new position could help tremendously if you are trying to build your credit back up after paying off debts associated with a bankruptcy. However, many people wonder whether they are able to get a new vehicle in this situation. In most circumstances, the answer is, “Yes.” Generally speaking, you will need to wait until you get your bankruptcy discharge before making the purchase, and most people will need to take out a loan. The Law Offices of John A. Foscato, S.C. in Green Bay can walk you through this process.

Purchasing a Vehicle Can Help You Build Your Credit

You may have saved up enough money to where you can simply buy a car with cash, but taking out a loan is typically what is done. Once you have gotten your discharge, you can buy a new car. However, if you wait longer after you have been discharged, then you will likely get a better interest rate for the loan. It is possible that you just cannot wait to get a new car, and in this scenario, it is preferable to review all your options to help you get the best deal. Taking out a loan can do a lot of good for your financial future because if you are able to make your payments on time, it can help you build up your credit score.

A Lawyer Serving Oconto, Shawano & Surrounding Areas

Many people feel that it is hopeless to regain a normal life after bankruptcy, but we have helped numerous people in Green Bay, Oconto and Shawano get a new car. We can help you as well, so call us at 920-432-8801 or 800-669-8516. We can also help you with buying a home.