Because going through bankruptcy is already a difficult situation, you shouldn’t have to further worry about the competence of your own lawyer. A qualified attorney should handle your case while you handle taking care of your assets. You deserve an expert bankruptcy lawyer who has the professionalism, experience and reputation to handle your case.


The level of service delivered shows a sense of professionalism and care of your lawyer. How engaged is she with you? Does she offer a free consultation as well as follow-up meetings? How available is she to help you understand your case and the legal process? Keeping consistent contact with you shows you that your lawyer cares about you and your case.


Choose a lawyer who has a number of years of experience dealing with bankruptcy cases. Moreover, you should find a lawyer who specializes in handling Chapter 7, 11 and 13. Although the attorney might have many years of trying family law cases, this does not necessarily mean she is an expert in bankruptcy law.

In addition, inquire about the lawyer’s caseload they take on each year. This might give you an idea of how much time your attorney will spend fighting for you in the courtroom.


Look into the attorney’s reputation online, even if a friend or family member referred her to you. Investigate online review sites, such as Better Business Bureau, or, to see what others are stating about their experience. Review the law firm’s website for qualifications and awards. Where did the lawyer take her State Bar exam? Where did she go to school? Questions such as these will help you choose a lawyer who can help you successfully handle your case.

Consider the qualities of professionalism, experience and reputation when searching for a bankruptcy lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of John A. Foscato to schedule your free consultationtoday to discuss your case.